Union County Staff Members Recognized

— Written By Chris Austin Cheri:Dustin Photo

Union County N.C. Cooperative Extension Team is Recognized for High Achievement & Contribution

Cheri Bennett, N.C. Cooperative Extension Program Assistant, Dustin Adcock, N.C. Cooperative Extension Local Foods Agent, and Nancie Mandeville, Union County Farmer’s Market Manager, were awarded the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program(EFNEP) Team Award at the North Carolina EFNEP Program Awards Luncheon on May 11, 2016. The EFNEP Team Award recognizes EFNEP Program Assistants and their program partners for meeting the needs of limited resource audiences through innovative teaching methods to produce program results and make a community wide impact.

Cheri, Dustin, and Nancie won the EFNEP Team Award as a result of their exemplary achievements. The team collaborated to offer EFNEP participants an interactive experience during a nine-week Union County Farmer’s Market Project. Each core EFNEP class included a Farmer’s Market component that provided participants with consumer education to encourage their consideration of the Farmer’s Market as a practical food resource. Through this partnership, EFNEP participants learned a lot about local foods and why shopping local is not only good for our county economy, but good for us, as consumers. The team collaborated to introduce new vegetables, create recipe ideas, meet and present information to the participants, and provided participants with Union County Farmer’s market materials, in addition to a Farmer’s Market tour. Upon completion of the Farmer’s market Project, participants were not only excited about local foods, but also were able to include newly introduced fruits and vegetables into their diet, as well as, the new cooking methods they learned for more traditional items.

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, administered by North Carolina Cooperative Extension, provides nutrition education for limited-resources families in Union County to help them make better choices when planning and preparing meals.

For more information about the Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program contact Cheri Bennett at 704-283-3737. For information about local foods or the Union County Farmer’s Market contact Dustin Adcock at 704-283-3830 or Nancie Mandeville at 704 283-3626.