Union County Cattlemen Sell Keys to Success

— Written By Kelly Liddington

Good afternoon from the Union County Extension Office. The Union County Cattlemen’s replacement heifer sale held recently was successful by any measure. Prices for good cattle were above the market, as they should be. The heifers were guaranteed, vet checked and ready to go home and go to work. The bargain of the day may have been the first lot offered. A Hereford cow with a bull calf at her side sold for $1125. The mature cow had plenty to offer besides the 230 lb. calf at her side. It just seemed folks needed a little time to settle in and get their arms and pocketbooks loosened up to bid. And bid they did on the remaining pairs and the first open heifer. The registered heifer from the Gordon Brothers Farm handily topped the sale at $1425.

Docility seemed to be what the buyers prized most as they indicated by their bids. Granted, farm fresh cattle go home and adjust better than trader cattle. But the noise and radical change of setting can make even the quietest animal a little anxious as the bids indicated the scarce few times it happened. Can you blame the bidders for backing off? We all have a gem or 2 in the pasture. Nobody needs to go buy one! With docility EPDs getting more understood and reliable, we are going to see this trend increase and the selection pressure increase for this trait. As we get older we can buy a ticket to the rodeo rather than have our own and live it every day!

So what were the keys worth? More than what was paid making these heifers foundations for the future!