You CAN Eat Healthy on a Budget!

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One of the biggest myths about shopping for healthier foods is that “only rich people can afford it”. In my observation, those that earn higher salaries actually choose grocery shopping as an area where they apply strategies to save money.

Like any other important financial decision, grocery shopping deserves attention to detail.

  • Plan your menu for at least one week. Based on your menu, check your refrigerator, cabinets, etc. to see what you already have.
  • Write a shopping list based on what you need, then Shop.
  • Fix (meaning prepare or cook, but could also include cutting & storing vegetables in the fridge for quick access during the week or separating family size portions of meat for freezing).
  • Lastly, after food is prepared and cooked the family is ready to Eat.

While there are several ways to save money, once you go shopping, perhaps the most important thing to do is take your shopping list. This will enable you to get in and out of the grocery store quickly, saving time and money. According to Emilie Barnes, in her book, Keep it Simple for Moms on the Go, after 30 minutes in the grocery store, we spend 75 cents for every additional minute.

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