Poinsettias With Bling!

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 Consumers have many options today when purchasing poinsettias. There are still traditionalists who want to purchase a plant with red bracts (what appears to be the “flower” are actually modified leaves called bracts). Breeders over the past few years have developed plants with variegation of plum, burgundy, white, yellow, pink or other unusually colored bracts.

Would you like a blue poinsettia or even an orange one to compliment or contrast with the decorations or rooms in your home? Well it is possible. Usually white “flowered” plants are used to produce these non-traditional color offerings. A dye is sprayed onto the plants to produce the desired color and effect. More “Bling” is added by dusting the painted plants with glitter! The painted/gilded poinsettias are said to last just as long as the unpainted ones.

Turn your imagination loose and envision a home, party, or even a holiday wedding where the painted poinsettias could be used to help create an enchanted, glamorous atmosphere. If you need many plants for the holidays or a party I am sure that with enough lead time you could find a florist or greenhouse grower who would work with you to provide just the color you want.

These painted and dressed up poinsettias may cost more than traditional colors, but that’s because they are unusual and unique. Check out your local garden center or florist this holiday season to see what selection they may have that might be right for your holiday decorating.