Tower Transmission

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Hello, this is Crystal Starkes, Union County 4-H Agent with today’s cooperative extension report. I love finding interesting celebration dates and activities which coincides with them. For instance, did you know today is Build a Tower Day? In Acres of Adventure, an agricultural after school curriculum, there is an activity in the book called Tower Transmission. In this curriculum, youth will learn how technology can help a farm get a good look at crops. A Global Positioning Satellite or GPS can send information about the amount of moisture in the crops, the right amount of fertilizer to use, and the latest weather information right to a computer mounted in a tractor. But a tower is needed to support this satellite dish. The objective is to build a newspaper tower to represent a way to simulate the tower a farmer would need to bring the latest technology to the farm.

In this activity, youth are provided with masking tape, sheets of newspaper, scissors, ruler, and plastic bowl to represent the satellite. The youth are divided into three teams and they will construct a satellite tower. The tower must be able to stand on its own and not fall.

This is a great activity to challenge students to use problem solving, analyzing causes or reasons, and teamwork skills. For more information on activities like Tower Transmission, contact the local 4-H office at 704.283.3735 or 704.283.3740. Thank you and have a great day.