March Is Living Well Month

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“Raising Kids, Eating Right, Spending Smart, Living Well” is the idea behind the Living Well campaign that is being promoted by Cooperative Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Agents. Here are some easy ways for you to “Live Well” this month!

Family Mealtime: Mealtime is more than just eating food together; mealtime allows you to model healthy eating to your children, pass on family beliefs, and discuss everyone’s busy schedule. Research has shown that positive mealtime experiences can lead to better communication between your family, improved school performance, and better nutrition for your children.

Healthy Lifestyles: What you eat does make a difference in how you feel. Eating food that is good for your body is just as important as sleep, relaxation, and exercise. Setting goals will help to relieve stress and give you something to work towards.

Living Green: Adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle will also benefit your community. Make sure to look for packages made from recycled materials. When shopping for appliances look for Energy Star rated choices. Also, carry reusable bags when you go shopping so that you can eliminate extra plastic waste.

Home Safety: One way to keep your home safe is to make sure that electrical cords are out of the flow of traffic to reduce accidents.

Financial Management: Create a Financial Binder to use as a quick reference to your entire financial situation. Update it annually and whenever a significant change occurs (birth, death, marriage, divorce, relocation, purchase or sale of assets).

Simple lifestyle improvements like these will help you to “Live Well” this month and in the future. For more information on Living Well month contact your local Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Hayley Napier, at (704)283-3830.