Support Butterflies & Ask a MG

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Most everyone has heard about the plight of the beloved Monarch butterfly. Their numbers have drastically declined over the past several years. More and more folks are interested in helping these beautiful creatures.

Here are some ways that you can help:

  • Add host plants, such as milkweed for emerging Monarch caterpillars – the plants WILL be munched on so don’t be alarmed when you see nibbled leaves!
  • Favorite plants of adult butterflies include butterfly weed, butterfly bush, coneflower, aster & marigold
  • They like flowers that have easy access points for nectar sipping such as phlox, gaillardia, & pentas
  • Herbs like fennel and parsley provide food for butterflies so add them to your garden
  • Butterflies prefer sunny areas, so plant a variety of sun-loving annuals, perennials, wildflowers and shrubs including a wide range of flower colors

Join the Extension Master Gardener℠ volunteers of Union County for the Ask a Master Gardener program on Saturday morning, June 30, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m., at the Teaching Garden at the Union County Ag Center, 3230 Presson Rd, Monroe. You can bring problem plant samples & ask gardening questions. There are many flowering plants in the garden this time of year, so come check it out and see how many butterflies and other pollinators you can see.