It’s Time For Planning Next Years Garden

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Peat pots

There isn’t a lot happening in the garden around January but now is a great time to order seed for the upcoming season. Before you dive into catalogs to see what new cultivars are available first do some planning to get an idea about how much seed you really need.

A great way to plan your garden is to buy a pad of graph paper and draw the footprint of your garden to scale. Then start thinking about the different types of vegetables that you want to grow and how much of each you will need. Once you have your list you can start drawing your plants into your garden beds. Remember, when you add plants to your garden plan draw in their mature size. This will help you visualize how much space you need for each crop.

When you have calculated how much seed you’ll need to write it down on your plan to help you remember the next year. Also, take notes through the growing season so you can make adjustments to future plans. If you are new to gardening keep your plan small and grow each year as you gain more experience. It’s better to enjoy a small garden than to be frustrated with a large garden.

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