Four Ways to Keep Your Teens Busy This Summer

— Written By and last updated by Nancie Mandeville

Counselor in Training Program 4-H

According to researchers, the summertime is when teenagers participate in the riskiest behaviors. They are too old for summer day camps, but not old enough for their first job. As a teenager, they are seeking ways to become independent, but they aren’t too sure how or where to begin. I have four suggestions on ways to keep your teenager busy this summer.

  1. Challenge

Every student still needs to continue learning even during the summer in order to reduce the opportunity gap in the community. Therefore, a really low-cost way is to develop challenges during the summer that reflect some objectives that your teenager will learn in the next school year. You can find tons of resources online or through the local 4-H program. There are various projects ranging from healthy lifestyle to animal science.

  1. Volunteer

College admission officers, according to an article by Derek Newton in, shares that high school students with experience in community service have a positive impact on their acceptance rate into the college of their dreams. There are different programs in Union County which provides volunteer opportunities for teenagers including Union County 4-H’s Counselor-in-Training program. By the end of the summer, a teenager between the ages of 14 to 18 years old will gain 80 hours of community service plus a letter of confirmation to use towards their college application package.

  1. Overnight Camp

Believe it or not, there are still overnight camps available for your teenager. Union County 4-H will be taking a group of youth to Millstone 4-H Center from June 16 to 21. This camp is for youth between the ages of 8 to 14 years old. As a 15-year-old, youth can serve as a LIT for the week. They get the same overnight camp experience, but as a helper to the counselor. Several LITs went back to the camp to serve as counselors once they graduated high school.

  1. Explore their Passion

4-H is great for providing opportunities for youth to explore their interest. While serving as a CIT, youth will get to participate in summer day camps of their interest. They not only get the opportunity to serve as a leader, but they can also learn about something that they really are interested in.

To learn more about the Counselor in Training program or more opportunities for your teenagers in 4-H, contact the local office at 704.283.3735.