Participants Increase Safety of Family Meals

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digital food safety thermometer

During a discussion about food safety, EFNEP participants in Union County began to discuss their various methods of preparing meats. As indicated on their entry survey, none of the participants in the class had home meat thermometers to check the temperature of their meat dishes to ensure that it was cooked to a safe temperature.

Through grant funds, the EFNEP Educator provided each participant with a thermometer and a chart showing safe temperatures for cooking meats. During the week, participants recorded their meat temperatures at home and discussed their comfort and skill with the thermometer. Participants also practiced during class when preparing EFNEP recipes.

Upon exiting the class, 100% of the participants used meat thermometers at home during food preparation. By incorporating the use of a meat thermometer, the families are reducing the risk of foodborne illness from undercooked meats.

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