2019 4-H National Youth Science Day Inspires Kids to Be “Game Changers”

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Child participating in coding lesson

In recognition of National Video Games Day on September 12, Union County 4-H would like to share with you all about the upcoming 4-H National Youth Science Day. Kids and teens in Union County will join more than 150,000 children across the country in leading the 12th annual 4-H National Youth Science Day (4-H NYSD) challenge throughout the month of October. This year’s challenge, Game Changers, teaches young people coding skills through three engaging hands-on activities. Union County 4-H will be partnering with City of Monroe’s Park & Recreation during the Beyond the Bell program to offer this experience to the participants in their afterschool program throughout the month of October. 

Developed by Google and West Virginia University Extension Service, this hands-on experience includes a computer-based activity on Google’s CS First platform, as well as two unplugged activities that bring coding to life through games, physical activities, and puzzles. Game Changers is perfect for first-time and beginner coders, ages 8 to 14.

4-H NYSD is an annual program that provides access and opportunity for kids everywhere to take an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) by participating in a hands-on STEM challenge. In addition to the events in Union County, kids will conduct the challenge at thousands of local events in all 50 states, and in countries around the world, throughout October.

All kids everywhere are invited to participate in 4-H NYSD. Additional information can be found at 4-H NYSD, including information on how to register and get involved. Game Changers kits are available for sale online. Each kit comes equipped with all the materials necessary for youth to complete the experience, including instruction booklets for both youth and adult facilitators.