True Leaders in 4-H: Hannah Spicer

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True Leader Hannah Spicer Meet Hannah Spicer, a 13-year-old Union County 4-H member of the LEAPS 4-H Club. She has been a part of the 4-H program for 6 years and served as an ambassador for Union County 4-H events. After participating in the Project Runway summer camp for several years, she became a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) for the camp during our Summer Fun Program this year. What is your favorite component of the 4-H Program? “I like interacting. I like to describe myself as an introvert but my friends and family would say I’m an extrovert. I hate being in the spotlight, but as soon as I feel comfortable and relaxed interacting and speaking out loud becomes a favorite. If it’s a trip or place probably, N.C. 4H Congress or trips in general for camps like going to a museum.”

What does 4-H mean to you? “Learning to have fun and open up around people who believe in you and know how far you can go. Learning that no matter how many times you try to do something, every time it gets better and better. Whether it’s the same camp or public speaking.”

What is your most memorable 4-H moment? “Probably the project runway camp or any camp in general. I loved playing games with the kids and helping them with their machines with my experience in the past.”

What makes you a True Leader in 4-H? “I am willing to help others and not afraid to speak my mind even if I may seem wrong.”

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? “Either a butterfly or a dolphin. I love to explore, under the sea and go down to depths that are unknown. I would like to be a butterfly as well because I would like to see the whole world from a different perspective.”