True Leaders in 4-H: Ethan Carr

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True Leaders in 4-H- Ethan CarrThis week’s true leader in 4-H is 14-year-old Ethan Carr. He has been a member of Union County 4-H for 7 years and is a part of the Indian Trailblazers Homeschool 4-H Club and Co-Op. Throughout this 4-H career, he has participated in presentation competitions in 4-H and the county talent show. Last year, he played the piano as his act. Read below to learn why we think he is a True Leader in 4-H. 

What is your favorite component of the 4-H Program? * The structure in the leadership.

What does 4-H mean to you? * A place where I and other friends can learn things we would never get to learn.

What is your most memorable 4-H moment? * Being president 4 times.

What makes you a True Leader in 4-H? * Being able to listen to the complaints and ideas of others and act upon them.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? * Steller’s Sea Eagle because it’s a majestic bird.