True Leaders in 4-H: Evelyn Carr

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True Leaders in 4-H- Evelyn CarrThis week’s True Leader in 4-H is 13-year-old Evelyn Carr. She’s a member of the Indian Trailblazers Homeschool Co-Op and has been a part of the 4-H program for 7 years. Read below to learn more about why we think she is a true leader in 4-H. What is your favorite component of the 4-H Program? * The classes we take each week. What does 4-H mean to you? * More leadership training. I love leadership!

What is your most memorable 4-H moment? * When I won Bronze at District. (Presentation Competition)

What makes you a True Leader in 4-H? * All the friends and family helping me along.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? * I would be a cheetah because I like to be fast.