Holiday Family Fun

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kids bowling

Even though the weather is chilly, families can still be active together. During this holiday season, there are lots of ways to have fun while getting lots of informal exercises. Here are some ideas that will get your family moving.

Family Bowling Nights– Bowling is an awesome sport! It helps to develop hand and eye coordination. It improves flexibility and balance. Walking up to 60 ft. at every turn, the average bowler burns around 175-300 calories every hour, according to Bowling nights make for a fun social outing for both parents and children.

Roller Skating Fun– According to, just thirty minutes of roller skating produces a heart rate beat of 148 beats per minute. Roller skating is easier on the joints than running. This activity also increases strength and muscle activity.

 Holiday Volunteering– Volunteering is a great way to serve others and elevate our health mentally, spiritually, and physically. The holidays are a good time to introduce volunteering to children. Volunteering can take many forms. It can involve physical work, such as raking leaves or helping with chores. Volunteering can be more personal, such as, preparing a meal for someone in need, or helping to distribute toys or clothes.

Whatever way you choose to be active with your family during the holiday, remember to have fun and enjoy being together.