Local Catch: Winter Seafood Selections in NC

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Plate of cooked seafood with lemon We often think of eating seafood in the spring and summer, however, there is plenty of selection all year round in North Carolina. Local seafood markets here in Union County that sell fresh North Carolina seafood reports that during the winter months business slows down. In reality, there is plenty of great fresh seafood to choose from during this time of the year. The nutrients that seafood provides is another good reason to enjoy it all year long.

According to NC Sea Grant, During the winter months in North Carolina, these are the seafood selections provided by our coasts or farm-raised: Black Sea Bass, Bluefish, Clam, Croaker, King Mackerel, Oyster, Grey Sea Trout, Spotted Sea Trout, Striped Bass, and Bluefin Tuna.

To find out more about the opportunities provided by North Carolina Sea Grant visit: NC Sea Grant

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