True Leaders in 4-H: Kevin Stokes

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Kevin Stokes PhotoThis week’s True Leader in 4-H is 15-year-old Kevin Stokes. Kevin is a member of the Union County Teen Council and has been involved in 4-H for 9 years. In addition to being in the Union County Teen Council, Kevin has participated in the 4-H Presentation competition. Some of his hobbies include playing tennis and piano. Read below to learn more about Kevin and how 4-H has impacted his life. 

What is your favorite component of the 4-H Program?

I really enjoy the livestock events. My favorite time is when I get to show my rabbit Oreo. She has won several blue ribbons. I like getting the chance to see the other animals that I don’t normally get to see living in the city.

What does 4-H mean to you? 

I have been in 4-H for my whole life. It is so special to me because I get an opportunity to help the community. It opens up my personality. I am normally shy, but not anymore because of things I get to do with my 4-H group.

What is your most memorable 4-H moment?

My most memorable moment was going away to 4-H camp last year. It was the South Central District Teen Retreat and it was my first time being away from home in a camp. I loved all the workshops and just hanging out with new friends. It was really fun and I hope to go again.

What makes you a True Leader in 4-H? 

I think I am a True Leader in 4-H because I have learned to be helpful. I can speak up well thanks to many years of giving presentations. I can encourage others because I know all the amazing things that 4-H can do.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would be a jaguar. I love that they can move fast and live in open fields.

Kevin and Kyle Stokes at 4-H Expo