Union County 4-H Chicken Project!

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Barred Rock HenUnion County 4-H is excited to offer a chicken project opportunity for youth interested in livestock and poultry. For this project, participants receive three chicks and will be responsible for raising and caring for these birds. As part of the project, they will either put together a presentation to deliver at the County Activity Day or will complete a project record book about their birds.

Additionally, participants will be able to enter one of their birds in the 4-H Livestock show in September as a part of the 4-H Expo. The goals of this project are to increase knowledge on how to care for a backyard flock, improve confidence in speaking about poultry, and learn about keeping records and making wise financial decisions.

For more information, check out the Registration Form with the project rules and guidelines. Forms are due back in the office on Feb 3, 2020. Forms can also be emailed to Rachel Owens at rachel_owens@ncsu.edu by the deadline. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rachel.