Girls Can Do STEM Too

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Two girls working on coding project

During the month of February, women and girls are recognized internationally for their work in science. According to recent studies, girls make up 65 percent of the current enrollment of children going into school. However, they are under-represented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects as they get older and as they start to pursue career fields. Statistically, women make up less than 30 percent of individuals in a science type career. In the last few years, 4-H has worked to develop ways to increase the number of female participation in STEM-related activities. In Union County, one of these ways is through the summer program. 

While Union County 4-H’s summer programs are open to all youth regardless of gender. We have seen an increase in the number of girl participation in our science-related camps that focus on robotics for instance. This summer, Union County 4-H is offering different STEM-related camps including robotics, mad scientists, exploring nature, sewing, animal adventures, cooking, and forensic biomedical engineering. All of these camps are hands-on and innovative to help any young person find their niche in STEM. 

For more information, contact the local 4-H office at 704.283.3740 or 704.283.3735.