Stay Safe, Go Outside, Get in Physical Activity!

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Man riding a bike down a rode on a sunny day

During this time with the COVID-19 outbreak we may find ourselves feeling stressed out and less energetic from staying home most of the day. One thing to remember is that social distancing shouldn’t stop you from getting fresh air and staying active.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, during our time with COVID-19 it is okay to go outside as long as precautions are taken with a priority given to social distancing of 6 feet and avoiding going outside if one feels sick. As long as you’re keeping a distance from others around you, avoiding contact with public surfaces, and avoid crowded spaces and parks, going outside for physical activity is safe. Being active and going outdoors has so many great benefits. Staying active can help improve brain function, reduce the risk of many illnesses such as Heart Disease and Diabetes, helps with maintenance of weight, and improves abilities of day-to-day functions like climbing stairs or keeping up with young children. Also, getting sunlight helps to create vitamin D that our bodies can naturally produce.

Whether it’s doing yoga in your backyard, fixing up your garden, playing sports with your family and friends residing with you, or going for a run or bike ride in your neighborhood park, as long as you’re keeping your distance, getting outside will do wonders for your body!


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