8 Tips to Become a Responsible Chef

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students cooking in Kid Chef Camp

As youth and their families are preparing for their summer at home (if their normal summer programs aren’t offering face-to-face like Union County 4-H), they are learning some back home skills from their parents or guardians to help them get ready. I’m sure a part of it involves cooking for those interested in making simple meals while they are home. Before you can begin, you should learn eight tips to become a responsible chef in your home.

  1. Wash hands before making or eating. Be sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds after you have soap on your hands.
  2. Wash fresh fruits and vegetables with running water before eating or cooking with them. If you have a vegetable brush, that’s an added bonus.
  3. If you get burned by a hot liquid, run the burn under cold running water and tell an adult.
  4. Use hot pads to handle hot foods and dishes.
  5. Put cold foods back in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as you finished with them. 
  6. Make sure to clean up spills.
  7. Throw away rotten fruits and vegetables and foods with mold.
  8. Follow recipe and food package directions. Recipes and food packaging instructions are created for a reason to make sure the food is properly balanced through science.

To learn more tricks and steps to basic life skills essential to young people, register for the NC 4-H Virtual Summer Camp co-led by yours truly or contact the local 4-H office at 704.283.3735 to learn more about this program.