What Is a Leader?

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Union County 4H leaders attending Congress

What makes a true leader? To some, it may be someone who humbly listens to the people and does what is in their best interest. To others, it may be someone who has a clear vision and goal to achieve something great. Leaders are necessary in the world to offer guidance and show others their own capabilities. 

Now, more than ever is the time to raise youth up to act as a leader in their own community. They can set a positive example to make the world a better place and take action to improve the lives of others. The 4-H program offers the perfect opportunities to do just that. I have seen youth step up to make face masks for people, serve as county and district officers, and hold leadership positions in their schools all because of the workshops and experiences they have in 4-H. Kittrina Thompson, with National 4-H, writes in an article, “Every child has the potential to be a true leader…In 4‑H, we believe in the power of young people and want to provide them with opportunities needed to grow the skills they need to lead. We want to grow more True Leaders.”