4-H STEM Challenge 2020 – Mars Base Camp

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Originating in 2008, the 4-H National Youth Science Day was an annual event held during the week of National 4-H Week to provide young people with the ability to solve real-world problems in their communities and the world. The easy, fun event helped to introduce science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts to the youth. This year, the original 4-H National Youth Science Day is changed to the 4-H STEM Challenge. 4-H STEM Challenge’s goal is to further expand the youth’s steady interest in STEM through hands-on learning. 

Mars Space STEM Challenge Photo

Photo credit: 4-H Facebook Social Media Page

This year’s 4-H STEM Challenge is Mars Base Camp. According to the 4-H STEM Challenge article by National 4-H, the challenge is designed by Google and Virginia Cooperative Extension to challenge youth to “learn about Mars missions and get to know the red planet. In this process, they will learn about the various concepts from computer science to space agriculture.” This challenge has four key activities: Landing Zone Surveyor, Red Planet Odyssey, Crop Curiosity, and Insight from Mars. The highlight of this challenge is the creation of a rover that will travel on Mars. 

Ways to Participate:

  • Union County 4-H will be offering the 4-H STEM Challenge materials to a limited number of families. If you are interested, please contact the local 4-H office. 
  • Participate in the online portion of the 2020 STEM Challenge activity. Visit 4-H STEM Challenge – Insight-From-Mars Activity to participate using Scratch. 

For more information, contact the local 4-H office at crystal_starkes@ncsu.edu to learn more about the Mars Base Camp, the 2020 4-H STEM Challenge.