Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

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washing handsDuring this holiday season, you will start to do small family gatherings in the coming weeks, but it is important to remember some safety precautions to help you from getting sick and spreading illness to others. Hand washing is the single most important thing we can do and it takes less than one minute of your time. 

Here are some basic steps to wash your hands:

  1. Wet your hands with clean warm water and apply soap.
  2. Lather hands by rubbing them together with soap, lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. Get the soap all over your hands!
  3. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Rinse your hands well under clean, running water. 
  5. Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry them. 

If you don’t have access to soap and water, use hand sanitizer. However, hand sanitizers do not get rid of all types of germs. 

You can make hand-washing fun with your children by singing a song like ABCs or Happy Birthday while you wash your hands or create your own soap that’s fun and colorful.