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volunteer teaching students about plants

2019 Urban Impact Report

Did you know that North Carolina is the ninth most populous state in the country with over 10.3 million …

Extension and Community Association (ECA) Logo

Get Out And Join ECA!

Warmer temperatures and nicer weather are a great excuse to get out of the house and get more involved …

Union County 2019 Year End Report Graphic

2019 Program Impact Report

Empowering People, Providing Solutions The N.C. Cooperative Extension of Union County team is proud to present our 2019 end of year …

Closeup of Christmas Tree branches

Keeping Decorative Greens Fresh

Who doesn’t enjoy the natural beauty and wonderful smell of fresh pine or cedar in homes and offices during …

Black berries on a bush

Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

Fiber is a very important nutrient that benefits the body in many ways, from weight management to maintaining a …

Pumpkins piled in a wooden wagon


Halloween and Thanksgiving are definitely pumpkin season. Harvest is done and pumpkins are displayed at roadside stands, farmer’s markets, …


Vegetable Spotlight: Beets

Today, we are putting the spotlight on a nutritious and delicious vegetable, which one of its most popular varieties …

Bulbs sprouting in soil

Fall Bulb & Plant Sale

Fall is a great time to plant many landscape plants. The soil is still warm, so root growth can …

Recent Publications related to Community

Photo of asparagus growing


This series of publications provides information about how to grow, harvest, and prepare a variety …

2 days agoGrow It, Eat It

Maximizing the Durability of Athletic Fields

Durable athletic fields begin with sound construction and careful planning. Good management practices can increase …

4 days ago

Baseball Field Layout and Construction

Knowing a few basics and having some appropriate tools is all that is necessary before …

4 days ago

A Disaster Kit for Staying at Home

This publication covers the supplies you will need at home in the event of an …

4 days agoDisaster Preparedness
Illustration of a field boundary map

Creating a Crop Maze With GPS

This publication explains how to create a crop maze with GPS (global positioning system).


Questions to Ask When Purchasing Water Treatment Equipment

The home water treatment industry has expanded tremendously in recent years. New products are constantly …


Permeable Pavement: Research Update and Design Implications

As the use of permeable pavement increases in North Carolina, practitioners can look to research …

2/11/20Urban Waterways

Stormwater Wetland Design Update: Zones, Vegetation, Soil, and Outlet Guidance

These new design guidelines for stormwater wetlands focus on four design points: internal wetland zones, …

2/10/20Urban Waterways