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Fall Webworm Nest

Fall Webworms

Bagworm is a catch-all term that many home gardeners use to refer to several leaf-chewing caterpillars. We have three …


Ornamental Vines and Their Uses

Vines serve many useful landscaping purposes and are excellent to use where space is limited, as dividers or barriers. …

Collard Greens

Planning Your Fall Garden

I know its August and we are still feeling the heat of summer but right now is the ideal …

Support Butterflies & Ask a MG

Most everyone has heard about the plight of the beloved Monarch butterfly. Their numbers have drastically declined over the …

Cover photo for BOLO – Giant Hogweed in the News

BOLO – Giant Hogweed in the News

Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is a non-native invasive plant that has recently been in a topic of the local …

Information on Fire Ants

My first introduction to fire ants was in Alabama a few years ago when I was attending the annual …

Recent Publications related to Lawn & Garden

parts of a seed

13. Propagation

This propagation chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook explains how and why to grow new …

8 hours ago


The glossary for the Extension Master Gardener Handbook defines terms that are found in the …

8 hours ago
Pesticides on work clothing and protective gloves

Handling and Cleaning up Damaged Pesticide Containers at Home

This publication offers guidelines if a recent storm resulted in water damage to a pesticide …

22 hours agoDisaster Recovery
Furniture piled in front of house after flood

Dealing With Snakes After a Storm

This publication offers tips to deal with snakes, both indoors and outdoors, during the recovery …

22 hours agoDisaster Recovery
Lettuce drop symptoms

Lettuce Drop

This factsheet discusses the identification and management of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Sclerotinia minor, a fungal …

Photo of raised beds in a neighborhood.

Minimizing Risks of Soil Contaminants in Urban Gardens

This publication alerts prospective gardeners to some of the most common contaminants in urban soils, …

1 day agoSoilFacts
Gardeners work in a community garden.

Food Garden Design

This publication, chapter 4 of Collard Greens and Common Ground: A North Carolina Community Food …

1 day ago
chinese privet

12. Native Plants

This native plants chapter of the Extension Gardener Handbook defines the term native, why gardeners …

2 days ago