We Can Answer Your Gardening Questions!

— Written By and last updated by Nancie Mandeville
basil seedlings

Basil seedlings await planting at the Agroeceology Farm.

We are living history during this coronavirus pandemic. Life has changed as we know it in such a short time. Folks are having trouble adapting and dealing with the stress of such extreme change. We have learned new terms, such as social distancing, and many of us are now working virtually with staff and other meetings all online.

Now that many families are at home every day a lot of you have turned to gardening. Some are planning to grow vegetables or fruits for the first time. The local garden centers and nurseries have been overrun with people buying plants, seed, soil, compost, mulch, and other gardening supplies.

North Carolina State Extension has lots of great information on growing vegetables. One national award-winning resource is the North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook. You can access the Extension Gardener Handbook free online (just search for NC EG Handbook) or purchase as an e-book or in hardcopy format. Another great resource is the NC State Extension Gardening Portal  (just search for Extension Gardening Portal Vegetables). Through the Gardening Portal you have access to many publications including Vegetable Gardening for Beginners, Planting Calendars, and ideas for gardening with children.

Extension Master Gardener℠ volunteers in Union County are available to answer your gardening questions. You can call 704-283-3822 and leave a message or email them at ucmgwebsite@gmail.com with your question and they will respond with an answer for you. They volunteer and work from home to offer this service Monday-Friday.

Gardening is a great way to relieve stress, get some fresh air and exercise, and to grow your own food. You can also easily practice social distancing while gardening.

Take steps to keep you and your family healthy and safe and while you are home, get out in your garden!