A Big Thanks to ECA!

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Our partner organization, Extension & Community Association or ECA strives to provide service and assistance in our North Carolina communities, and our Union County ECA has been doing a wonderful job by helping our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a statewide Extension & Community Association Project, some of the members from Union County ECA have been making cloth masks for several Union County organizations. Earlier this month, ECA has made 150 masks for organizations like the Ellen Fitzgerald Senior Center, Union County Community Center, and HELP pregnancy center. ECA has continued their efforts by making 32 more masks for Union County Health and Human Services and Union County Council on Aging. Amongst some of those organizations are our own Cooperative Extension office, that used the masks to help with our Weekend Family Fun activity packet distribution at the UCPS meal feed sites. We want to send a big thanks to ECA for their continuing efforts in serving our community. If you are interested being a part of this organization, and working to volunteer in your community and gain camaraderie with ECA members, please contact our cooperative extension office at (704) 283-3801 for more information.