Stay Hydrated With Water and Produce!

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Several Different Fruits

Water is life! In fact, based on the Institute of Medicine adequate intake for men is roughly about 13 cups of total beverages a day, while adequate intake for women is about 9 cups of total beverages a day. Without water, we can’t regulate our body temperature, we are unable to flush out any toxins through our kidneys, and we also wouldn’t be able to have hydrated skin and organs. That’s why it’s always important to make sure to get the amount of water you need through drinking every day based on your body weight and other factors such as your state of health and exercise. Another way to get in a good amount of water is through different types of fruits and vegetables.

From Michigan State University extension, some examples of fruits and vegetables that contain almost all water are grapefruit which contain 91%, cantaloupe which contain 90%, and peaches which contain 88%. Some vegetables including zucchini, radishes, and celery are made up of 95% water. So, in addition to consuming the right amount of drinking water for your diet, make sure to get in some healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables that contain a small but great amount of water.


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