Tips to Stay Organized During Distance Learning

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young woman working at computer

Many students in our area will be engaged in distant learning this Fall, whether it be online college courses or K-12 remote education. It is important to recognize that while some people have a natural ability to stay organized, others may not. This can be especially difficult while learning from home due to the distractions that may occur.

Access to the internet and the computer are your most important resources while doing distant learning. Let’s examine some tips for organizing your computer.

  • Organize your files: Create and name files based on the class name, type of assignment, and topic. An example would be: English/homework/Sentence Conjugation
  • There are tools, such as, Session Buddy that allow you to save, recover, and manage tabs and bookmarks, as collections, however, you can always just simply bookmark the programs that you will be using for your studies. Some items can be saved to your desktop for quick access, however, be careful not to clutter your desktop.
  • It is also important to control distractions. Keep pets in another area of the house. Turn the TV off. Investing in a pair of headphones is a good idea if there are others working remotely in the home or other children.
  • Keep track of the time. Make sure that you allow time to sign in to the online learning system.
  • Check out your background. Use an area of the home where you are comfortable. Try not to have a background that is distracting to others. Provide young students with a table and chair to work at comfortably.