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4 Kids Clipping Pictures from Magazines

Goal Setting With Your Family

Whew! 2020 is almost over, and 2021 is soon approaching. Now is a great time to start thinking about …

Cover photo for Slim Pickings for Christmas Trees

Slim Pickings for Christmas Trees

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! The holidays are fast approaching but Christmas trees are running low! North Carolina …

Family with laptop

Holiday Family Fun

Even though the weather is chilly and COVID-19 has changed our holiday routines, families can still be active together. …

Closeup of Christmas Tree branches

Keeping Decorative Greens Fresh

Who doesn’t enjoy the natural beauty and wonderful smell of fresh evergreens in homes and offices during the holidays? …

Cover photo for Gifts for the Gardener

Gifts for the Gardener

As I get older I don’t seem to need as much stuff as I did when I was younger. …

Cover photo for Apple-Rutabaga Soup

Apple-Rutabaga Soup

With the beautiful fall colors and the crisp cool days, I began to think of all the wonderful food …

dinner meal with turkey

Holiday Meals on a Budget

The holidays are a time to get together with family and friends to enjoy good food and great company. …

a variety of whole grains and corn

Whole Grains for Health

As the weather gets cooler, it’s a great time to enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits of whole …

Cover photo for Savvy Shopper: Meat Label Claims

Savvy Shopper: Meat Label Claims

If you’ve ever purchased meat before, you’ve probably seen various labels on meat packaging like grass-finished, natural, antibiotic-free, or …

family eating

Make Meal Time Family Time

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, (EFNEP), strongly encourages families to make meal time, family time. October is …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

Keeping Food Safe to Eat at Home

Foodborne illness is nearly 100 percent preventable if food is handled safely from the time it …


Pickle and Pickle Product Problems

This guide lists the problems that can arise in making sweet gherkin pickles and describes …

11/11/20For Safety's Sake

Thawing Food Safely

This factsheet describes how to safely thaw frozen foods.

11/11/20For Safety's Sake

Toilet Learning

This publication describes how to recognize a child's readiness for toilet learning and how parents …


Tips on Dealing With Stress

This publication offers tips on dealing with stress.

Expressing Feelings

Expressing feelings can lead to improved interpersonal relationships.

Balled and burlapped Fraser fir and white pine trees.

Selection and Care of Living Christmas Trees

One of the more enjoyable Christmas traditions is to replant a living Christmas tree into …

Model flow chart: identify issues, plan, deliver, evaluate

Extension Models: Exploring Proactive and Reactive Approaches

This publication provides definitions of the Program Planning and Evaluation Model and the Reactive Programming …