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FCS@Home: Figs

One of my favorite treats as a child was delicious fig bars. They were always my favorite afternoon snack …

woman walking through woods.

Fall Back Into Fitness

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I began to walk and exercise daily, admittedly, like many others, I …

Ramen Noodle recipe

Ramen Noodles: Elegance on a Budget

As a result of COVID-19, many families are experimenting with new recipes for familiar favorites. Ramen noodles are inexpensive …

junk food/healthy food

You CAN Eat Healthy on a Budget

One of the biggest myths about shopping for healthier foods is that “only rich people can afford it.” In …

clothe face masks

Caring for Your Masks

We all want to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19. One of the recommended ways to do this …

home canned tomatoes

Preserving Fruits & Vegetables

Preserving fruits and vegetables is a great way to save money and provide healthy food for your family. If …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

stop carbon monoxide

Carbon Monoxide

The publication addresses the dangers of carbon monoxide and provides ways to protect families from …

4 days ago
Carbon monoxide alarm

Monoxido de carbono

El monóxido de carbono es un gas invisible, inodoro, y sin color. A pesar que …

4 days ago

Tips on Dealing with Stress

This publication offers tips on dealing with stress.

Expressing Feelings

Expressing feelings can lead to improved interpersonal relationships.

Toilet Learning

This publication describes how to recognize a child's readiness for toilet learning and how parents …


Myths and Facts About the National Flood Insurance Program

This publication clears up misconceptions about federal flood insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program.

Your Water Supply: Well Construction and Protection

This guide describes common types of well construction in North Carolina and offers advice for …


Pickle and Pickle Product Problems

This guide lists the problems that can arise in making sweet gherkin pickles and describes …

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