FCS@Home: Preserving Soups!

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Soup in a bowl with garnish

Nothing soothes the soul when cool weather hits like a nice hot bowl of soup, especially when it’s homemade with foods from your own harvested garden. But, what if there’s too much soup being made? The answer is, preserve it! Just be sure to choose the right form of preservation. When making simple vegetable soups, or soups with meat, you can use pressure canning to preserve it. As long as you make the soup with prepared vegetables and meats like beef and chicken in a simple broth, you are able to pressure can it. What if we have puréed or a dairy-based soups? Then, we freeze it! Purée and Dairy-based soups should not be pressure canned, but can be frozen in freezer bags and laid flat in the freezer for space. Vegetable and meat soups can also be frozen.

No matter what soup you’re making enjoy some this fall and make sure to preserve any you have left for another day! Be sure to check out our FCS@Home video on preserving soups coming soon!