Check Your Home Detectors and Test for Radon

— Written By Smoke Detector

Have you check if your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are functioning? Have you tested your house for Radon? Starting off the new year doing a home check-up may be a great idea, especially because it’s National Radon Month. It is easy to be a victim of fire; deadly, colorless, and odorless carbon monoxide; or seeping radon in your home. That’s why it’s important to make sure you check with detectors and test in your home.

For smoke detectors, it’s important to test every month and replace your detector every ten years. When it comes to a carbon monoxide detectors, make sure to have at least one detector in the home, and check the battery every 6 months. For both detectors, it’s best to keep one operating in bedrooms where you may sleep.

Radon, like Carbon Monoxide is odorless and colorless and is a leading environmental cause of lung cancer according to the North Carolina Radon Program. Use a Radon test kit, that are available at hardware and department stores to check. You can also check out the North Carolina Radon Program website for mitigation information and can order a free radon test kit for one household while supplies last. Be sure to keep your home safe with detectors and kits, and Happy National Radon Month.


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