Portion Control Know-How!

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Lunch Box Containers

(Source from Rubbermaid Products via Flickr)

Portioning your food can make a huge impact on creating a healthy lifestyle and great management of one’s weight. Here are 5 tips on cutting portions and trimming calories provided by Michigan State University Extension:

  1. Use smaller serve ware for dishes and snacks – This helps to limit the amount of food you may consume by the available size of storage given.
  2. Have healthy low-calorie snacks in between meals – Try having your favorite fruit sliced up like apples, orange or pineapple. You could also have a few whole wheat crackers with cheese, or popcorn with little or no added salt.
  3. Drink water right before you eat your meal – This helps to curb your appetite to prevent overeating and helps to keep your body hydrated.
  4. Add more vegetables to your meal – You can never get enough vegetables, especially when they are packed with so many vitamins and minerals. Adding more vegetables to a meal can help you stay full and cut down on calories by adding in more proteins or grains.
  5. Take your time to eat your meals – Make sure to savor what you eat. When you take time out to eat and void yourself of distractions, it can help with preventing getting more servings.


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