True Leaders in 4-H: Kendall Kennedy

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True Leader in 4-H: Kendall KennedyThis week we’re highlighting Kendall Kennedy as our True Leader in 4-H. She’s a 16-year-old Union County 4-H member and has been in 4-H for 7 years. This year, she is the Vice President of the Union County 4-H Teen Council and was inducted into the N.C. 4-H Honor Club this past summer. Her hobbies include painting and riding horses. Read below to learn more about her and why we consider her a true leader in 4-H. What is your favorite component of the 4-H Program? “My favorite component of the 4-H program is being able to explore a multitude of project areas that interest me, and taking advantage of the countless opportunities that come along with them.”

What does 4-H mean to you? “4-H has a different meaning for everyone, based on their experiences within the program. For me, 4-H means community. Over the years I have attended multiple state and national events, and by doing so I have befriended many people with unique personalities and interests. Although we are all different we all share one thing in common; 4-H. The relationships that I have made with fellow 4-Hers will last a lifetime.”

What is your most memorable 4-H moment? “My most memorable 4-H moment is being inducted into the N.C. 4-H Honor Club. Being inducted has been a dream of mine since I was only a Junior 4-Her. When I walked across the stage at N.C. 4-H Congress, I completed my biggest goal as a 4-Her!”

What makes you a True Leader in 4-H? “I believe the biggest thing that makes me a True Leader in 4-H is being able to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people and gain new experiences. The only way that you will be able to grow as a leader is to not be afraid of the unknown!”

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? “Well, according to a Buzzfeed personality quiz, I Kendall Kennedy am a Tiger because I am “strong, courageous, and the leader of the pack”. I think that’s pretty accurate!”