Limeade Explosion!

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Glass of limeade

Warmer weather is here and while we are having more cookouts, we crave tasty beverages. The prices of carbonated drinks have exploded since the pandemic, as a result, many are drinking more water and making fruit drinks for the family. One really delicious treat is limeade. Try this recipe.


Makes 1 gallon


  • 2 cups fresh lime juice or bottled lime juice
  • 2 cups sugar or another sweetener such as stevia or Splenda (following the product’s instructions)
  • 1cup hot water
  • 1tablespoon lime zest
  • pinch salt
  • cold water
  • 1 lime sliced (optional)


Add lime juice, sugar, and hot water to a pitcher. Stir to combine until the sugar has melted. Then add the lime zest, and salt to a gallon pitcher. Fill the pitcher with cold water and stir well until combined. Add lime slices to the pitcher when ready to serve or serve in each glass, if desired. Store in the refrigerator. Serve cold or with ice and enjoy!