Check Your Pressure Canner Gauges for Free at Extension!

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Pressure Canner Gauge

As we’re harvesting our summer garden produce, more of us are preparing to preserve our bounties through canning! For many of us who can low-acid foods like green beans, carrots, and other vegetables, our pressure canners are being put to work and pick up a little wear and tear. This is why it is important to keep up with maintenance of your pressure canner, from the quality of the lid, gasket, and even the dial gauges on some pressure canners. If you are using a pressure canner with a dial gauge, it is important to get your gauge inspected for accuracy of the measure and quality of the physical gauge itself.

If you need to have your dial gauge inspected, our extension office can inspect it for you at no cost! Be sure to contact us to make an appointment for an inspection on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Per guidelines of our extension office, we request persons coming in for appointments wear masks. If you need a mask to wear in the building, we can provide one at the time of the appointment. For more information on the Pressure Canner Dial Gauge appointments or to make an appointment, contact us by phone (704) 283-3801 or email at Happy Canning!