Square Foot Gardening in an Urban Area

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Get Messy! Play in the soil! Let’s learn how to make a simple square foot garden using some simple items at your home. 

potted plants in an outside area

According to the Soil Solutions 4-H curriculum, simple gardening especially for first-timers can easily be done in a container bed or container pots.

I live in an urban area with no yard, but it doesn’t limit where or how I plan to plant some yummy vegetables this upcoming spring. In order to have a sustainable garden, it requires some planning even as early as February.

I want to share with you how I plan to create a square foot garden using my container pots. Parents or other caring adults, invite your young person to join you as you plan and create your square foot garden. They will enjoy getting messy and playing in the soil just as much as you!

  1. Look at your space or container. If you have a raised bed, you can use that or to make it simple, use flower pots at least 1 foot wide.
  2. Add soil mix to your flower pot.
  3. Now is the fun part, look on the back of a seed packet to find out the best spacing for each plant to determine how many plants can grow per square foot. For example, in one square foot, you can grow one broccoli plant or nine space for most salad greens like spinach. You can easily research this information online.
  4. Have fun! Be sure to water your plants and make sure they get plenty of sunlight even on a balcony or porch.