Have You Heard About Extension and Community Association?

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Extension and Community Association (ECA) Logo

Some folks may know the Extension & Community Association (ECA) here in Union County, and some don’t. Today I’m here to give you a little background into this amazing organization and the work their members do in the community. Extension and Community Association is an organization and close partner with Cooperative Extension. Formerly going by names such as “North Carolina Home Demonstration Club” and “Extension Homemakers Association”, this organization works to provide service, scholarship, and comradery in Union County.

Within the county, there are clubs within ECA that meet typically monthly to share ideas amongst each other, learn about new skills, and work to plan projects that support Union County residents. Many of our ECA members are very busy around Union County, donating care supplies to nursing homes, giving clean and empty medicine bottles for people to use in Haiti that have limited health care access, and even supporting our 4-H youth programs by working with kids to do community projects and teaching them important life skills. They also have a lot of fun together, either as a club or as the whole county, doing educational field trips to art showcases and dinner theatres.

As a liaison agent, I have gotten to work with this amazing organization and help support them in supporting the community as much as possible. If you are interested in being a part of ECA, to support your community and build great friendships, please contact us at our Cooperative Extension office at (704) 283-3830. There are opportunities for you and even your friends to join an existing ECA club or create your own ECA club.