Get Out And Join ECA!

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Extension and Community Association (ECA)

Warmer temperatures and nicer weather are a great excuse to get out of the house and get more involved within the Union County Community. And what better way to do it than joining the Union County Extension & Community Association.

Extension & Community Association or ECA is an organization that works to provide community action and service, collaborate with extension on local projects and programming, and enjoy life-long friendships with many club members. You can find ECA members volunteering in the non-profit organizations, fundraising for scholarships for students, as well as spending time together learning a new skill with extension agents.

Here in Union County we have two great clubs for all to join: Western Union Park in Waxhaw and Farmers Market in the Monroe area. If you have a few friends who all join together under service, friendship, or a shared skill, you can also create your own ECA club in your area. ECA members also have the opportunity for leadership through an all-club county council. If you or a group of friends would like more information on how to help with amazing work in the community through ECA, please contact us at our extension office at (704) 283-3830.