Make Your Own Ice Cream This Summer!

— Written By and last updated by Nancie Mandeville

Hand holding ice cream cone

Ice cream is a wonderful treat to enjoy in the hot summer months and making it can be just as fun. Here are two simple recipes for ice cream, both dairy and non-dairy, that are simple to make and super delicious.

Here’s a great quick recipes for dairy ice cream provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Homemade Ice Cream


½ cup of Milk
½ cup Cream
¼ cup Sugar
½ teaspoon of Vanilla or other flavoring
Quart size Ziplock bag
Gallon sized Ziplock bag
Rock Salt


  1. Take your milk, cream, sugar, and flavoring and mix them in a bowl.
  2. Add them to the quart ziplock bag. Add the quart ziplock bag to the gallon bag that is filled halfway with the ice and rock salt.
  3. Close the bag and shake the contents within it. After five minutes you should have a great frozen treat!

If you’re looking for a dairy-free option. Try freezing pieces of banana overnight, then add your flavoring and frozen banana to a blender and pulse until it’s a smooth texture like ice cream! No matter how you make it, try making your own quick ice cream to enjoy this summer!


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